Water Heater Leaking from Top

​A water leak coming from the top of your water heater might seem like a very bad scenario to be in, but this is much more preferable to a leak coming from the bottom of your water heater, as this could mean you have to replace the entire unit much of the time. This doesn’t mean you should jump for joy or ignore the problem, as leaving a leak coming from the top of your heater unfixed could lead to bigger problems in the future. Rust and corrosion are big threats to your water heater and to have water regularly running down your water heater is a very bad thing. Most of the problems that are probably causing the leak are not too complicated to fix but first you have to figure out what the problem is.

Find The Leak
You should turn the power supply to your water heater off in order to examine your leak more closely. For an electric water heater this means flipping the switch in your house’s electric breaker box off and if you have a gas water heater there is typically a thermostat switch that you should flip to the off position.

For now you should leave the water supply turned on, so as to find and inspect your leak easier. Clean the current water on your tank off and look closely to see where water is still coming out. Once you are sure where your leak is coming from you may turn the water supply off by twisting the valve located on top of your tank until it is turned off.

Water Heater Leaking From The Top Causes
There are several possible causes for the leak that is coming from the top of your water heater.

It could be the water supply inlet that is leaking. This is the point where water is sent into your hot water heater’s tank. This is also where the valve for shutting the water off is located on top of your tank. This valve may just need to be tightened in order to fix the leak problem, or you may need to replace the entire valve.

The leak could be coming from your temperature and pressure relief valve. This valve is typically located on the top of the water heater and is a safety valve, if this valve is the source of your problem the best solution is to replace the valve as soon as possible. Replacing the valve is pretty simple and is possible to be done by just about anyone.

If not from either of these valves, you may have a leaky joint or pipe on your hands. These are the ones that may require you to call a professional, as depending on the amount of damage to your pipes, you may not be able to fix them yourself. Sometimes you just need to simply tighten a connection using a wrench but if there is corrosion damage that prevents this you will need to call a plumber. 

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