Water Heater Leaking From Bottom

​If you find that there is a pool of water located at the bottom of your water heater, one of the most common reasons for this is a leak from the bottom of your water heater. It is possible that a puddle of water is nothing too serious at all and not even a leak, condensation rather, but it is also very possible that you have a serious leak on your hands. If the source of water found around your water heater is a leak from the bottom here is how you should handle it.

Water Leaking From The Bottom Causes
There are a few reason your water heater could be leaking from the bottom. You could have a leaky drain valve, a leaking pressure relief valve, or a tank that is itself leaking.

If you have a leaking drain valve you will most likely be able to see it dripping from the valve located on the front of the water heater. You should try twisting the valve closed to see if it is just not closed all the way before proceeding to replace or fix the valve. You will need to empty your water heater’s tank in order to replace this valve.

Although the pressure relief valve is often located on the top of the water heater if it is leaking it may look like your water heater is leaking from the bottom, as water will accumulate down there. If this is the problem, much like the drain valve, you will need to drain your tank before replacing it.

The worst case scenario is that your water tank is what is leaking, due to corrosion and rust. If this is the case you will most likely have to replace the entire unit, as there is not really an effective fix for this issue.

Prevent Further Water Damage
Regardless of where the leak is coming from, as soon as you know you have a leak you should take steps to prevent further water from leaking out and causing more damage to the area your water tank is located in.

You should turn the power supply off. For an electric water heater this means flipping the switch in your circuit breaker box. For a gas powered water heater there is usually a switch on the water heater itself that needs to be turned off. You will also need to cut off the water supply. For this there is usually a valve located on the top of the water heater that needs to be turned until it is off and water is no longer being fed into the water heater.

Decide What To Do Next
With many of the fixes covered in this article​, an average homeowner could probably complete the project themselves, but every person is different. You must make the decision for yourself, if you want to attempt to fix your leaking water heater or call a professional plumber to do the job. For some of the bigger problems mentioned, such as replacing the entire water heater, it would probably be recommended to get professional help, but any of the fixes could be dangerous if not done correctly.

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