Factors that Determine Ceiling Fan Airflow


Searching for a ceiling fan will require a great deal of thought. This is because you will want to find the perfect fan to fit your décor. However, you should always consider the motor that is used with the fan. This is what is going to determine the amount of power the fan has, how long the fan will last and the performance of the fan. Many people will not pay attention to the airflow but you should know that the amount of air that is moved per minute with the fan is going to determine just how long the fan will last.

There are numerous factors that are going to work together to determine how much airflow your fan is going to have. The first of these is the pitch of the blades. This refers to the angle of the blades. If the pitch is between 10 to 12 degrees are not going to need an extremely large motor to allow the fan to reach high speeds. But, you do need a stronger motor if the pitch is between 14 to 15 degrees. If the pitch is flatter, and the fan is moving at a high speed, you will see that the fan may wobble and make noise. Fans that have a higher pitch, with a poor motor, will simply run down and break faster.

Believe it or not, the shape and size of the blades will also make a large difference. What you have to remember here is that larger is not always better. Too small can also have negative effects when it comes to airflow. A specialist can help you make the proper decision related to size and shape.

The RPM will determine how fast the blades are going to spin when the fan is set on a specific speed. If the blades are set at the correct pitch you will see that they move more air. It is always best to purchase a highest rated ceiling fan that has six different speed levels to select from. Set the blades at the right pitch and you can select how much air is moved based on the setting you use. The height of your fan from the ceiling will play a large role in the airflow. Individuals always want to install their fan so that the blades are 10 to 12 inches from the ceiling.

Finally, you are going to see that the motor really is the most important feature that you should be concerned with. But, you should realize that the motor will only make a difference if the other factors are all managed correctly. A really powerful motor will produce the most airflow and will last for a long time. As you search for a fan with a high powered motor you may notice that they do cost more. Keep in mind that even though you might be paying more, you will be getting a fan that produces more airflow. In the end, the fan will last longer and be well worth your money.


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