Damp or. Wet Ceiling Fans



Ceiling Fans play an important role in keeping us cool so that you can enjoy sitting somewhere on a hot day. With the fan running, you always feel that their quality has improved and you do not want to turn it off. What is important is that you get to install the correct type of ceiling fan in the designated area. You would find that the fans are categories as for indoors and outdoors. The indoor models would be called dry fans, while the outdoor models would be commonly referred to as damp and wet ceiling fans.

The wet or damp rated type of fans come in handy if you are looking to install fans in the garage or patio. The reason is that these fans would have blades made with a special ABS plastic. This type of plastic would stand up to any type of weather and still work great.

Another feature is that you get the steel tubular being made of galvanized steel. This means that you get to buy a model that would not be easily affected by corrosion or rust.

The motor casing of these two types of ceiling fans would also made to be waterproof as a way of keeping the motor safe from water and moisture. As you know, electrical parts do not mix well with water.

So, which one is the best? Damp or wet rated ceiling fans.

Before you can go ahead and make a decision on which model to buy, you have to understand what you would be getting from each model. The Damp rated models are made to be ideal for the outdoors, but the locations should be covered too. This means that as much as the fan would be outdoors, it would not have direct exposure to the rain, water or the snow. These fans are great for handling moisture, but you do not want them to be rained on continuously.

Some of the places you can use the damp ceiling fans include covered patios, garages, bathrooms, and screened porches.

The best wet rated outdoor ceiling fans are one of a kind. These fans can handle anything you throw at it. When the damp fans needed a cover over them, these ones you can use them even on exposed decks and you have nothing to worry about. They are mostly used in an area exposed to ice, snow or intense rainfall.

Even with the exposure to the tough conditions, it is often you would find them standing up to such weather conditions. You can now have a great time on your exposed deck with the fan running and having not to worry about the summer heat. You would get this type of fan being used on decks, verandas, cabanas, and gazebos.

Now that you understand what damp and wet ceilings are all about, making a decision should be easy. Most people are always looking for a way to have the best ceiling fans, at least now you know where best to install these fans.


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