A Ceiling Fan With Lighting: Why Do You Need One?


Looking to do more with your rooms? Wondering how you could deal with that summer heat in your rooms? While you could buy anything from curtains to lamps, there is something more you need – like a ceiling fan.

Ceiling Fans: Doing More With Your Rooms

You can choose ceiling fans that light up your room in different styles, designs, brand, and colours.

The problem is – which is the right one?
Wondering how they would look in your room? Don’t worry; they come in a range variety and can match almost any décor of any room – be it the bedroom, living room, or the dining space.

Here is How it Can Help You

  • Easily integrate the lights to match any mood or occasion of the day.
  • It is not only decorative but also has the unique quality of matching its dual performance by keeping the air cool and lighting up to perfectly fit the ambience.
  • Its energy saving and cost effective, offering cooling and provides light at the same time.
  • You could get one in your budget, from a few hundred dollars to as much as a few thousand!

The Different Types of Ceiling Fans

These most powerful ceiling fans come in three different types, the downward lit fan, the upward lit fan and one that combines both ways of lighting. All of them have their own area of usage and they are all exquisitely designed and worked on. Let’s take a look at each of them.

The Downward Ceiling Fan

The downward lit fan, as the name suggests, has its light facing downwards which provides direct light in a space. These lights also come with other external lights that can be fixed on to other fans.

It also includes a good range of customizable decorative light fixtures in multiple styles and colours.

This kind of light comes in handy for bright lighting in a room, for instance, the study or a kitchen where light needs to fall evenly for an undisturbed sight. The lights are bright enough to cover a decently huge area.

The Upward Ceiling Fan

The upward lit fan has its light on top of the fan and light faces upward on the ceiling providing indirect light in a room. It helps soften the intensity of the light by not facing downwards directly.

This type of light provides a very fashionable feel to the room. It works well in rooms like the bedroom by creating a very ambient space.

The lights look beautiful softly glowing through the blades of the fan. It creates a wonder trying to catch as to where the light is coming from. This light has a very fantasy feel about it.

The mood is softened and soothed with the light. These lights also accentuate the walls and the ceiling with texture.

The reflective lighting gives an artistic look to the environment. It can liven the feel within four walls. Ambient lighting brings out the undefined areas of a room.

The Combined Lit Fan

It has lights integrated both at the bottom and the top. It has the option to have both lights working or just either. It allows flexibility for the user to choose the lighting according to the ambiance.

These kinds of lights can be useful for the living room to fit the kind of use of the room.

The Different Designs to Choose From

If you’re looking to have the perfect decor, try going in for exclusive designs and styles. They all come with extra customizable accessories.

Choose your fan and light theme according to the theme of the room. It would be great fun for children to have it in their rooms with their favourite visuals.

For instance, you could choose Victorian based themes, modern themes and also multi-themed items. There is a collection of energy saving, less power consuming fans which are Energy Star certified, which means you can save a lot on electricity bills, especially on those hot days.

All of these maintain a style, design standard and also come in all kinds of colors and themes.

Why Get a Ceiling Fan with Lighting?

If you need the benefits of a ceiling fan, along with saving some space, get one that comes with lighting. It could match your room décor easily and you would be able to save on your overall lighting costs too!

In fact, ceiling fans with lighting come with all the regular designs of a ceiling fan that you normally get, as we talked about above – and the dual use makes it perfect for the summers.

Let these fans cool you down and brighten up your day at the same time. Furnish and decorate homes and spaces cost-effectively and with style.


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