Can A Ceiling Fan Actually Keep You Warm?



You may have heard about using ceiling fans in the summer, but using it in the winters to keep you warm?

Yes, ceiling fans are a possible method of keeping you warm in the long-suffering winter months. They are in fact a cheaper method, than the usual heating equipment. Here is a short reason as to why this is possible.

  • In the summer, the ceiling fan works by creating a wind chill effect which happens when the blades of the fan work towards pushing down the otherwise stagnant layers of air.
  • The idea is that the wind chill makes you feel cooler.
  • As such the ceiling fan makes no contribution towards lowering the temperature of the room.

So how does this help you keep warm?

Well this does not, but a ceiling fan in “reverse” setting will.

How Does This Work?

A ‘reverse’ setting aims to harness the warmer air that rises upwards leaving cold air in its wake. When this hot air in the room rises towards the ceiling, the ceiling fan in reverse setting will try to push this hot air downwards, thereby helping you to stay warm.

However, this method is a generic method to stay warm and by no means is a procedure to be undertaken if you are suffering from hypothermia or pneumonia or any other such condition.

It merely harnesses the comparatively warm air in the room, which would be otherwise lost to the atmosphere.

How Does It Help?

By running a ceiling fan thus, you do not have to use a furnace that often orts at that much power consumption level as usual. Similarly, you can save some money by not cranking up the thermostat too much either.

So how do you get a fan to work in the reverse setting? Just by a switch, which most fans have positioned in them. All you need is a ladder to get up there and flip that switch to reverse setting.


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