[Review] Lasko 2554 42-inch Wind Curve Fan with Remote

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The Lasko 2554 is a compactly designed fresh air ionizer which has been built into a sleek 42 inch tower design. The unique air curve technology makes this fan ideal for maximum air distribution in the space that it is installed in. It also features some cool features like electronic timers, three options of speed, oscillation of air vents and the like. Its user manual is downloadable online.

Why Do You Need Lasko 2554?

Keeping your rooms well circulated with fresh air helps in more ways than one. For instance, they prevent the outgrowth of molds. Molds can be found both indoor and outdoor and cause grave problems to people like allergic reactions, fungal infections, asthma attacks to sensitive people and more.

You don’t want gases in your home that are toxic, as they can cause series problems to the human health.

  • The toxic released may cause long term or short term/immediate effects.
  • These effects may be caused due to a single exposure or repetitive exposures.
  • Effects may include irritation in eyes, nose, throat, headaches, dizziness, fatigue and others.
  • These effects are treatable, and sometimes the treatment is isolation the person from such an environment.
  • The exposure may also lead to some diseases like asthma, hypersensitivity pneumonitis, humidifier fever or PDF.

Studies show that different people react to the different level of exposures. It is very subjective as it depends on various individualistic factors like age, pre-existing medical conditions, sensitivity and other factors. It depends on the immunity as well. Some people may turn sensitized to biological factors while others may get sensitised to chemical pollutants as well.

The Lasko ​2554 might just help you avoid all these problems, helping you lead a healthier, better life.

Read on to know more about the Lasko ​2554.

The Design – It’s As Good As It Gets

The Lasko ​2554 is good for cooling small and crowded designed spaces. Its own compact design allows for very little space occupation.

You can fit it in just about any room – it is 42.5 inches high and has a width and depth of 13 inches only.

With the Lasko ​2554 weighing around 13.6 pounds only, it’s pretty portable too. Plus, given the size and output figures of this fan, its maximum efficiency will certainly be achieved on smaller rooms, rather than large halls.

It has a unique paneling of faux wood grain, which gives it a very sleek look and should not interfere with the design scheme of the room in which it is placed.

Basic Features of Lasko ​2554

Given the small size of the Lasko ​2554, its wind curve technology is a very reliable setting guaranteed to let the user cool off on the hot and sultry days.

The tower fan has been designed such that it oscillates at 90 degrees, which means that it utilizes the maximum range for the most efficient air output possible.

The ionizer option in the Lasko ​2554 also allows for allergens, pollutants and irritants to be removed from the indoor atmospheric air, but to a lesser degree than what a dehumidifier would achieve.

But nonetheless, it does contribute towards providing otherwise cleaner air to breathe in indoors. The three quiet speeds on the remote ensures you can sleep easily in the night,
Lasko also provides customer support via email and phone – so you know just whom to turn to if things didn’t turn out the way you expected it.

Additional Attractions

The timer option on the Lasko ​2554 is pretty flexible and allows the user a wide range of time to set in for the fan to work. The minimum timer setting is 30 minutes and the maximum is at 7.5 hours. So for all those users, who feel cold or get a wind chill after some time of using the fan, need not get up repeatedly to switch off the fan. A simple, suitable setting of the timer should solve everything.

The wind curve fan has an impressive range from 425 cubic feet per minute to 634 cubic feet per minute, which means it can cover for a small room easily. This also means that Lasko ​2554 is more efficient, more quiet and much lighter than its other Lasko products.

Best Used As:

The Lasko 2254 is a light fan, which is really good enough for a bedroom or an office space. Being lightweight it can function as a floor fan as well as a standup fan on a shelf or a table.

What we like:

  • The light plastic which forms the bulk of the Lasko 2254’s body allows handling the fan very easily.
  • The innovative wind curve design minimizes space requirements
  • There is an also a remote storage solution behind the fan’s built-in handle to this design.
  • Portability and keeping the small remote of this fan in proper place are a double plus point with the Lasko 2254.
  • Change everything from speeds to timers and fan movement with just a click on the remote.

What we don't like:

  • The weight of this fan is 13 pounds, which makes Lasko 2254 heavier than other fans of its range. However, it is due to this heaviness that the fan does not topple over easily and stays firm in its place.


If you are looking for some fresh air in your home, you couldn’t get it better than Lasko ​2554 from Lasko. Its fresh air ionizer technology ensures that you have an entire room refreshed using minimal space. The wind curve fan doesn’t make much noise too – and circulates fresh air in your room easily. It’s one of those wind curve fans that is sure to wow you – you might just be wondering how you managed to do without one all along! Bring it to your workplace or in your home – it’s sure to be one of the top tower fans you will make.