​[Review] Dyson AM07 Tower Fan: Is a $300+ Fan Ever “Worth It”?

[Review] Dyson AM07 Tower Fan: Is a $300+ Fan Ever “Worth It”?

Fans are a part of our day-to-day lives at our workplaces, homes, banks, and kitchens. Famous for its distinguishable designs, Dyson’s new model certainly doesn’t disappoint. The Dyson AM07 tower fan is now every family’s favorite because of its bladeless outline which attracts cool air without mixing it up like other fans. You will absolutely appreciate its thin design which simply means that it can fit in limited spaces. Likewise, the Dyson AM07 can be put on counters without consuming much space, making it suitable for kitchens, workplaces, and rooms. In spite of not having cutting edges, this fan can still send a cool surge of air up to 6 meters.

Summary Review

The Dyson AM07 fan came after its forerunner the AM02. The AM02 was greater, louder and heavier. The Dyson brand modified the AM02 and invented the AM07 that was sleeker, lighter and more convenient. The AM07 is believed to last up to 10 years on account of the innovation it has embraced. The fan has air channels that are streamlined to enable air to go through more proficiently and unobtrusively. This free air entry gives the fan a stretched out lifeline as compared to other fans. Also, it has a proficient framework that allows you to save money on the electric bill. This is one of the reasons why the Dyson AM07 is a favorite in many households.

The Dyson AM07 works by attracting air in and out. The base of the fan attracts the air and discharges it over the round ring that is located above the fan. It uses a similar measure of air attracted to cool the room. I didn’t really understand the technology behind it. so let’s watch this video below. Also, it uses an indistinguishable innovation from an AC framework which may be why the fan works quietly. After all, who wouldn't need a quiet fan? My most loved part of the fan is that it doesn't resemble your common fan. The design is simple but very classic as compared to most fans which have a very technical design. Besides adding aesthetic value across the room, the Dyson AM07 will be a long-lasting fan in your home.

It is a gadget that is anything but difficult to use and gives you a remarkable experience. If you ask me, this is one of the wisest moves that the Dyson Brand has ever made. Customers love something that is easy to use and doesn’t have a complicated manual. The Dyson AM07 is intended to fit your needs as far as paces, area, and the vicinity of utilization. The main component of the AM07 is its capacity to direct the speed of the fan. It has three catches from the medium, high and low. It enables you to set up the speed of the fan based on the room. The fan arrives in a container-shape which encourages you to fit it in.

Dyson AM07 remote

Once you are done fitting it where you need it, you should simply set up the line. Interestingly, it has a remote which makes it very convenient. You can enjoy the remote control feature within the room at any given distance from the fan. However, when using the remote from a distance, the gadget needs to be in clear sight with the fan. Otherwise, the fan is unlikely to respond to any commands you give via the remote.

Dyson AM07 stockpiling

In addition, the fan has an attractive stockpiling highlight that enables you to put the remote on the fan. The magnet holds the remote, and you don't need to continue searching for your lost remote.

Dyson AM07 timer

What's more, the fan has a clock that enables you to control the frequency of time you need the fan to stop. The timers have interim of 15, 30 and 45 minutes or longer depending on your necessities. The augmentations of the clock can last up to 9 hours which gives you an advantage. In spite of the fact that it doesn't have its application, the fan can be operated using the ZappIR Pro application. The only thing you do is to install this application on your android phone and search for the Dyson profile.

Dyson AM07 beauty

Perhaps what makes the Dyson AM07 stand out is the absence of cooling sharp edges. This has made the gadget to be the most secure fan as it exhibits no threat particularly to toddlers who are inquisitive. The tower fan is anything but complicated. Due to the absence of cutting edges, you can clean quite easily using a duster. I recommend that you wet the duster with a window cleaning liquid when cleaning the fan.

Also, the AM07 is starred consistently as it keeps running at 10 % lower than its forerunners. This fan usually has a limited warranty of two years. The machine has a speed of 1271 cubic feet in the air. Basically, the AM07 is quicker than most of the conventional fans.

You can get the Dyson AM07 Tower Fan at any electric outlets that have Dyson gadgets, the Dyson site, and Wal-Mart and web-based business destinations, such as, Amazon and eBay that give free sending inside the United States.

Salient features

Dyson AM07 Safe-operation

Safe operation

The primary element that gives the device an aggressive edge over fans is that it is bladeless. This aspect prevents the fan from exploding dust like other fans. Concerning our health, we need a fan that does not mix up air containing dust with fresh cool air which is an issue for people with allergies and asthma. It can be used in any environment because it is sheltered and can't cause any damage particularly to kids who are clumsy. Likewise, it does not have the air interference caused by the sharp edges as they float the air. The bladeless fan floats air that is smooth and continuous.

Dyson AM07 Remote control

Remote control

The fan comes with a remote that enables you to control the gadget from a distance. The decrease of many manual operations makes the gadget last longer due to less usage of the manual buttons. Also, the device is attractive that offers remote simple stockpiling

The gadget is tech-savvy

The Gadget is Tech-Savvy

The gadget can be operated from a telephone using the ZappIR Pro application. This proves to be useful in the event that you have lost the remote or harmed the manual catch.


The Dyson AM07 Tower Fan has a clock that you can set up to stop the fan when you no longer need it to cool the air. The clock can be set in interim of 15, 30, and 45 minutes and can keep going for up to 9 hours. The clock allows you to set aside cash while paying up the cooling bills.

Streamlined Air Channels

Streamlined Air Channels

The fan has streamlined air channels that enable air to go through more efficiently and unobtrusively. The channels have lessened the commotion of the fan by 60% contrasting it with more established forms of the fan.

Speed Settings

The fan tower accompanies speed settings that you can change. The stings are ten each with various alterations. Despite lacking the sharp edges, the fan’s speed is excellent and very effective in keeping the air cool and fresh.

Noise Levels



  • It has the heaviness of 6.29 pounds
  • It has a tallness of 39.6 inches
  • The base width of the Dyson AM07 Tower Fan is 7.5 inches
  • The fans are 7.5 creeps in distance across
  • The commotion levels are 64dB
  • Comes in the hues white and black
  • The device has ten fan speeds
  • It has a voltage of 110 to 120 VV
  • It has a remote control

What we like:

  • The tower fan comes with a well-being measure as it needs to fan sharp edges and is ok for youngsters.
  • The bladeless tower fan does not suck up clean, and it is a recommendation for people with hypersensitivity and asthma
  • Comes with an attractive power used to store the remote on the gadget
  • Comes with a smooth outline that can fit into any tight space solidly
  • Has low clamor levels

What we don't like:

  • It is costly
  • It has no divider mount
  • It does not have the GFCI security plug
  • It has one catch that is multipurpose


The Dyson AM07 fan is one of the best Dyson tower fans advancements we have in the market. All the features mentioned above have been carefully put together to solve security issues and offer long-lasting solutions. The security measures are difficult to disregard since we all need to turn the sharp edges of a fan as a propeller. Therefore, this fan might be just what you are looking for your household. Though it has a high price tag, it is worth the purchase. Despite the high cost and absence of Bluetooth, I still insist that the Dyson AM07 is the best fan so far. Wherever you decide to get it i.e. whether online or physically, always make sure that you get the best deals.