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Dyson is known for manufacturing fans that produce most powerful tower fans than other traditional fans. At first glance of the Dyson tower fan, you will see that the fan is bladeless, innovative and enjoyable. Over the years, Dyson has become a household name because of its high-quality fans that have sleek designs and work quietly. With invisible moving blades and brushless electric motor, Dyson fans will be your living room companions.

Why should you choose this brand?

The Dyson Tower fan is a freestanding floor fan which requires limited space and its sleek design makes it look amazing across any room. Its maximum airflow of 1,271CM produces a blast of air that covers the whole room. Therefore, the Dyson tower fan delivers on its promise of comfort for you and everyone around you.

One of the coolest features that the Dyson tower fan has is that it’s bladeless which makes it very safe for kids or pets to play around. Besides, it has 10 power speed settings which work so quietly that the kids won’t know it’s on unless you switch on the oscillator. Other outstanding features include the remote control and the sleep timer.  The remote control is magnetized and curved to increase its sensitivity when operated from a distance across the room. The sleep timer will come in handy when you want to switch it on/off for a specific duration. You can programme it to go off after 15 minutes ranging to 9 hours.

As you could imagine, having such a powerful airflow technically means that it consumes a lot of energy. Although this is the case with many tower fans, the air multiplier technology makes the Dyson tower fan exceptional. It uses 10% less power hence it consumes less energy and is cost-efficient. The Dyson tower fan not only has cool features but is also portable for home and office use.

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