Kids Ceiling Fans: A Review Of Your Best 5 Options (May. 2018)

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When you are decorating your child’s bedroom you should seriously consider having a high quality ceiling fan installed. Besides being a great way to contribute to the theme you are creating, there are a number of advantages of having best kids ceiling fans.

You can work together with your child to create a special design or theme for their room. There are enough different styles that can be the perfect working accessory for a boy or girl’s bedroom. You can find a pretty pink fan or one that has camouflage blades. No matter what you select it will be a team effort that they will remember the most.

The increased circulation can help to give your air conditioning a break in the summer. And even at a low speed, the sound of the fan can help lull little ones to sleep without them even knowing it. Many kids ​fans even have lights on them which will help to illuminate the room. They are easy to operate turning on and off with a simple flip of the switch. Many can also be controlled using a remote control device so little ones don’t have to try to find the right switch to turn a lamp on in their room.

Top Rated Kids Ceiling Fans


Hunter 20168

If you have a child or even a teen who loves anything to do with the sun and the moon and the stars, the Hunter Space Discovery Fan would make the perfect addition to their room. This brushed nickel fan has 5 reversible blades – one side is black and the other side has images of the earth, moon and stars on it. The blades have a Dust Armor coating that helps cut down on the buildup of dust and grime. This fan has three speeds and includes a reverse option.

The two 60-watt light bulbs that are included work independently of the fan but will help bring extra illumination when needed. The airflow is up to 3,095 CFM and you can install it so that it is flush mounted, standard, or angled. It is relatively easy to install, even for those not that experienced with electrical installations.

This fan is a great conversation piece and besides being a little pricey, it is of good quality and lasts for years. In fact, your child will probably outgrow it before it will break down. The light fixture is not that bright because of the themed pictures on the globe. Many people use the low level light fixture as a night light. On the down side, this fan does not come with a remote control making it a little inconvenient to operate. But it is a fan and lighting fixture that is unique and you won’t see it everywhere you go.

Hunter 23781

The Hunter Dreamland 5-Blade ceiling fan is just the fixture for a sweet little girl’s room. The blades are made of a pink fabric that has flowers on them making this fixture a perfect addition to a pretty princess theme. The blades are attached to irons that are made from butterfly shapes and the fan has light fixtures as well. The fan itself utilizes technology that is patented to ensure that it does not wobble back and forth and vibrate. The highest level of the 3-speed fan is 205 RPM.

While the fan looks great and works even better, the three lights leave a lot to be desired. There are three lampshades that are made from thick material so the lights are not very bright, more like a night light. If you prefer a brighter light you may want to remove the lampshades. The fan comes with the 40w bulbs in the candelabra style that is required for the 120-watt light fixtures. You can install the fan without including the light fixture if you already have other lamps in the room. The fan is 44 inches making it easy to fit into most children’s bedrooms.

This fan is a cinch to install with the EZ hang system of mounting. It provides a nice even flow of air on all three speeds. As with many of the Hunter fans they utilize a coating called Dust Armor on the fan blades that actually repels dust that can build up. The pretty pink flowered blades are great for little girls but they can be reversed to solid pink as the child grows. The WhisperWind motor is nice and quiet and comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the Hunter Company.

Minka Aire F518

Sleek and simple, the Minka-Aire F518 is a versatile fan that can easily fit into any area. The design is no-frills but contemporary and pleasing to the eye. It will complement the décor without distracting from the existing style. The F518 is part of the Concept II collection and is available in white, brushed nickel, and a rubbed bronze.

With a hanging depth of 10.5 inches, this model works well with ceilings that are lower making it the perfect choice for older homes and cottages. It includes a halogen light and a convenient remote control so you can operate it from anywhere in the room. The remote has a dimmer for the light fixture but there is also a plate included if you chose to not hook up the light.

The Minka-Aire F518 is very easy to install and quiet to operate. The high quality of Minka fans make them so popular, many people buy more than one to cool down their house. This style is not inexpensive but it will endure the test of time. The only down side is that the replacement bulb for the halogen lamp is on the pricey side and for some people the fixture gives off more heat than light. Overall a solid fan that will complement your home and keep it cool for years to come.

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