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For well over a century, customers in the United States (and later all over the world) have been trusting Westinghouse products to help them get through their day to day lives.

One of the original “grandfathers of the electricity”, Westinghouse – the real Westinghouse – worked side-by-side with Nikola Tesla and others to help pioneer modern electricity and help make sure that all of us could use this power source with appliances and technology to make our lives easier and more comfortable. Westinghouse ceiling fans are a prime example of that.

Certainly some of the most impressive best quality ceiling fans on the market today, Westinghouse took a break from manufacturing ceiling fans in the early 50s, but is back in a big way with more than 60 different designs to pick and choose from now.

Customers are falling in love with Westinghouse ceiling fans all over again!

This is what makes Westinghouse ceiling fans so special

There are a couple of different things that really helped to set these ceiling fans apart from the rest of the pack.

For starters, Westinghouse manufacturers fans in a variety of different sizes to make sure that every room is perfectly accommodated with fans that get the job done right and inefficiently. Their blades come in a variety of different lengths, and their fans take advantage of two blade setups through six blade setups to make sure that enough air is being moved without too much energy being consumed.

Westinghouse ceiling fans are also designed to be as easy to use and operate as they can be. Most of them come with remote controls built right in, and all of them can be hardwired directly to dimmer and speed switches in the wall. It’s even possible to set these fans into a home automation system so that you are able to control your fans – and the rest of your home – across a wireless network from anywhere around the globe.

Combine all of that with the attractive design, the brilliant engineering, and the ease of installation (not to mention the tough to beat prices, and you’re really looking at something special here!

Top Rated Westinghouse Ceiling Fans


Westinghouse 78108

One of the most simple and straightforward six blade Westinghouse ceiling fans produced today, this elegant fan is going to look at home in nearly any decor. A “hugger style” ceiling fan, its six blades have been designed to help move air in small rooms of up to 80 ft.². It has a three speed reversible switch (so you’ll be able to use this fan in the summer as well as in the winter), and the single light fixture in the middle throws enough light to help illuminate rooms that it’s been designed to fit in.
With a whisper quiet motor that still provides more than enough horsepower to move air around rapidly when necessary, you’re definitely going to feel rather than here in this Westinghouse ceiling fan in action!

  • Compact design is perfect for smaller sized rooms
  • Three speed reversible switch makes this a versatile ceiling fan indeed
  • Almost silent operation is suitable for installation in any kind of room

Westinghouse 7861400

Definitely on the “modern art” side of the fence as far as design is concerned, this is very much one of the more esoteric Westinghouse ceiling fans you have the chance to buy today – but it’s still one of the most impressive as far as performance is concerned.
Engineered specifically for large open spaces and industrial/commercial setups (servicing rooms with up to 360 ft.² of space), this three blade ceiling fan is going to elegantly chop through the air to produce cool breezes and to circulate heat depending upon the season.
Energy-efficient (consuming just 60 W without a light and 104 W with one), this is a relatively easy to install ceiling fan and it also includes a 15 year warranty on all of the essential components.

  • Unique design moves a tremendous amount of air
  • Energy efficient across the board
  • 15 year warranty guarantees years of durability and performance

Westinghouse 7247300

Conjuring up images of the beach or down south plantation living, this Westinghouse ceiling fan is beautifully designed to not only move a tremendous amount of air (perfect for rooms with up to 144 ft.² of space in them), but it’s also going to add quite a bit of visual interest to your decor.
This ceiling fan takes advantage of a new silicone steel motor system that uses dual capacitors, giving you three different fan speeds (low, medium, and high) as well as the option to reverse the direction from counterclockwise back to clockwise. This makes this Westinghouse ceiling fan a real for season kind of investment!
Amazingly energy-efficient (consuming just 51 W without the lights on and only 80 W when the light switch is flipped), its three blades glide through the air to give you the results you’re looking for without causing a lot of extra noise pollution along the way.

  • Beautiful design is definitely an eye catcher
  • Energy efficiency is a priority here
  • Lifetime warranty protects this investment forever

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