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You find out exactly how important the ​ceiling fans really are around the middle of August, especially when the nights aren’t just extremely hot but also pretty muggy as well. Unfortunately, a lot of people struggle finding the best bedroom ​fans​ (for a variety of different reasons), but mostly because this is the kind of purchase that you are going to have to make all that often in your life.

In order to help you out at least a little bit with provided a couple of tips and tricks below, inside information that should make it a lot easier to find the ​right bedrooms ​fans for your home.

The Best Bedroom Ceiling Fans For Overall Quality And Performance

The Fan Size

The overall fan size will determine the overall CFM and where you can set it up. You have to first know just how big your bedroom is first before picking the best fan. Once you have the room size in mind, you will now have an easy time picking the right fan. Check the recommended room size by the manufacturer. This way at least you can get a model that will deliver on proper air movement.

Overall Airflow

It is easy to say that having more airflow from your fan is always going to be better. The airflow rating is called CFM. Having a higher CFM figure will always mean that you end up with the best performance. For most bedroom sizes, having a fan with 4000 to 5000 CFM should be enough. As a result, you might want to do some comparisons just to end up with the best model to handle your needs.

Blade Number

Some have the misconception that the number of blades might affect the proper functioning of the fan. That is not always the case, but the number of blades often affect the operating noise level. As a result, having more blades on the fan is going to help make the fan quieter. Also, you have to consider the aesthetics too. In most cases, the number of blades is going to be a stylistic decision to make rather than being a practical one.

Mounting Option

It is always important to mount the fan at the right level. This means that it has to be at least 8 feet above the room floor. This will ensure you have the proper air distribution and also safety. Take the time to measure the ceiling height before buying a fan. For those that have a low ceiling, always consider a hugger or low ceiling fan with flush mount.

Noise Level

Thanks to improvement in technology, it is not common to find noisy fans as before. That being said, you have to get one with low to no noise while working. The motor construction plays an important role when it comes to the noise level. A bit of research and reviews can help you know if the fan is noisy or not.


It will always be great if you can get a model that comes with simple controls. Some of the common controls would be the speed, reversible switch, light switch and more. The good thing is that most models would come with simple control options.

Benefits of Ceiling Fans for Bedroom

Great for Temperature Control

The most common reason why anyone would get ceiling fans for bedrooms include temperature control. The use of a fan goes a long way to help with creating that cool breeze we all desire. The air movement helps with dissipating the heat without lowering the room temperature too low. During the cold days, you can reverse the blades to help in distributing the hot air.

Energy Efficient

What most people do not know is that ceiling fans consume less energy. Even if you have the fan running for long hours, it is always going to consume less energy as compared to AC. Some have even claimed that the fans help save up to 30% of the utility bill.

Good for Styling

Even for the bedroom, you would still want it to have the best aesthetics. It is the reason fans are also considered when pimping out your bedroom. Look at the different design options you get with the different fans before settling for the best.

Low Operation Noise

Most if not all bedroom fans will make white noise. This is the kind of noise that would not affect you much when it comes to sleeping or even just relaxing. For some, the hum from the fan can help sooth them into sleeping. A bit of comparison between models can help you end up with one that has low operation noise.

Top Rated Ceiling Fans for Bedrooms


There are a lot of different ceiling fan options out there as far as the bedrooms fans are concerned, which is why you want to make sure that you whittle down the list as quickly as you can and choose from amongst the very best of the best – and only the best of the best.

Look into the three options we outlined below and you will have to worry about making the wrong decision.

Minka-Aire F518L-WH ceiling fan

Minka is one of the top brands when it comes to making fans. As a result, you can always expect to end up with high quality products. That is the case with this fan. This is because it comes with multiple features that makes it good for different applications.

We see that the model comes with a remote control. The aim is to give you an easy time when it comes to controlling the fan. From the remote control, you will see that the fan comes with up to 4 speed options. You will easily control it to a speed depending on your needs.

The overall design also makes it a versatile fan. This is because you can customize it in terms of installation height and look. The model can work with different types of downrods from the manufacturer. You can now set it up for large and small rooms alike.

What we like:
  • Remote control is easy to use.
  • Great fan for small rooms
  • Fan retains its settings even if you shut it off with a switch.
  • Quiet with surprisingly bright LED light
  • Modern looking

What we don't like:
  • Overpriced

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Hampton-Bay Hugger ceiling fan

For those looking for a model with low profile, then this is what you go for. It is made to deliver on a good flush fit with its hugger design. Such a fan is good for those who have low ceiling rooms in the house.

The fan still comes with a light kit also installed. The aim of such a kit is to help in illuminating the room without having to setup additional lighting. Such a feature definitely makes the fan quite versatile so that you feel it is worth every penny.

The use of 5 reversible blades still makes it good on overall for the air quality. Since the blades are reversible, you will like enjoy the fact that the fan can be used for different seasons of the year.

Having a multi-capacitor helps a lot with the overall operation. This is because you will end up with a quiet operation and better air movement from the fan.

What we like:
  • Easy to install
  • Quiet - Perfect for Bedrooms
  • Straight-forward install

What we don't like:
  • It Does Not Use A Remote
  • This fan is not remote compatible

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Westinghouse Lighting 7216100 review

This fan might just have two blades, but you will be surprised by just how much it can do in terms of air movement. From the technical information, we see that it can deliver an impressive 4698 CFM. Well, this should be more reason to get it today.

For such kind of CFM, we find that it will be ideal for rooms up to 144 square feet. Other than the impressive CFM, the model is still energy efficient. It is not going to significantly raise your energy bills. It is in fact going to help lower them since you will not be using the AC that much.

You can always play around with the speed of the fan as you get 3 speed settings. Depending on the weather or season, you can still use the fan as it comes with a reversible switch.

The motor is powerful and the same time quiet. These are the two combinations you would definitely want in a fan. Many people would love to know that the motor also gets a lifetime warranty. It just goes on to show that the motor is highly durable.

What we like:
  • Modern stylish design
  • Very easy to put up
  • Moves a ton of air
  • Terrific quiet operation

What we don't like:
  • 2 small lights are too dim

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Casa Habitat™ Oil Rubbed Bronze Hugger LED Ceiling Fan

First of all, the overall design just makes it good for different room décor. Also, the design gives it that rustic and sturdy look. There is no doubt you will like the fact that the fan is well made. As a result, the fan is going to last for many years to come without much of a problem.

The blades can span up to 52 inches. This is important for the quality of performance. Such a span will help deliver more airflow in the room. To make the performance even better, it still comes with a 12-degree pitch for the blades. It is definitely going to offer more air quality within minutes of turning it on.

As for the motor, it is built to keep working for longer without much of a problem. This is because the manufacturer uses high quality materials. Also, the motor is quiet enough you might not even know it is on until you see the fan in action.

What we like:
  • Perfect for a low ceiling
  • Beautiful fan
  • Very quite
  • Small but effective

What we don't like:
  • Replacing bulbs very difficult

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Hunter 53091 ceiling fan

This is a great fan that offers the best value for money. Coming with a reversible motor makes it good for all year use.

You will not have to worry about the air quality even during the winter months when most people would not be using fans.

To make it even more versatile, you will find that it comes with a light kit also. Since it can help to illuminate the room, you should find it solving more problems with just one device. The best part about the light kit is that it comes with the dimming option. As a result, you can have it delivering on the right ambience all the time.

As for operating it, the fan comes with a pull chain. This pull chain allows for quick and easy operation. The same goes for speed adjustments. You still get a handheld remote for adjusting more functions of the fan.

What we like:
  • Easy to install
  • Beautiful fan
  • Highly functional & super quiet

What we don't like:
  • The lights are really not very bright at all

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Harbor Breeze Mazon ceiling fan

The first thing you will like about the fan should be its design. It comes with a sleek mid-body layout. As a result, it should be appealing to many who would want to use it. Also, it is compact enough to fit well in many different rooms that might need a fan installed.

There is also a light kit integrated into the fan. The aim is to help you end up with proper lighting also from the same device. The light kit is also dimmable. This means you can set it up within the right light to create the best ambience.

The use of the LED lighting helps with proper illumination while at the same time saving on energy. You should expect to even save more money while using the fan more often.

The model still comes with 3 fan speeds. This will help in maintaining the ideal comfort level when it comes to the air movement. The reverse feature also comes in handy in different seasons throughout the year.

What we like:
  • Classy looking
  • Easy to put up, clean
  • Very quiet fan no wobble
  • Remote control
  • Smart reverse button
  • Great fan for smaller room

What we don't like:
  • Needs to be brighter

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Westinghouse Lighting 7801665 ceiling fan

This is another top quality fan that you can get for your room today. First of all, we see that it comes with a 52-inch blade span. This is important for creating the best air movement even for the large rooms. Since it is rated for large rooms, you can find it being good for rooms up to 225 square feet.

The model also has 5 reversible blades, which are all about giving the best performance. The blades are also designed to have a matte black or marble finish. They should definitely look good in any room that you set up the fan.

The high quality motor also plays an important role in making this fan great. You will always find that it provides you with quality air flow even for its size. The motor does not make a lot of noise while in operation, making it great to use on overall.

What we like:
  • Super silent
  • Good build quality
  • Light is brighter
  • Works flawlessly

What we don't like:
  • Doesn’t include remote
  • Complicated to Install

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Working with the best ceiling fans for bedroom is always going to help you have the best air quality. We have reviewed some of the best models above. As a result, you should have an idea of which would be great for you. What is crucial is that you always have to consider your bedroom size. This way you can pick the best fan to help with proper air movement in the room.

With the best fan setup, you can expect many benefits. This includes having a quality lifestyle as the room will not always have staleness in it. Also, sometimes the hum sound of the fan can help you sleep with ease.

We do not only help you buy great products.

We also save your time – letting you spend the most precious currency of life on what you love.

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