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The VivaLivingToday(VLT) is in the business of providing high-quality, high-value information, helpful tools reviews and tips to special-interest enthusiasts – people who have made a commitment in time and/or space to learning about and practicing their craft and express their creative imaginations. We're focusing on: woodworking, home building, cooking, gardening, and auto.

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Looking for straight-forward, hands-on reviews covering a wide variety of products? We bring that to you right here. We love trying out new products and sharing our experiences. Our product review database includes every new product, review, roundup, and buyers guide that has appeared in the last few years. Whether you need a home improvement tool or kitchen appliance, we make it easy by telling you the best one to get.

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Before everything else, we are gardeners. And that is why we are so passionate about helping you with your garden. We believe that farming and gardening is essential to a happy world. At the end of the day, when the computers shut down and the lights in our offices shut off, we go out to a garden and we grow things – just like you.

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